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What is fmalc?

The Fargo Moorhead Alternative Lifestyle Center is a not-for-profit community venue tailored to those who identify as being of an alternative, or non-traditional lifestyle. The FMALC is a recognized Coalition Partner of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF).

We strive to provide the Fargo/Moorhead area (and communities beyond) a confidential meeting space for those who require the discretion that private support/social groups provide, as well as to host social outreach, alliance, and community events for those who can afford a more public presence. It is our goal to facilitate the various alternative lifestyle communities with an inclusive venue in which to host or attend events, classes, and support meetings.

Who we serve:

Some of the communities we serve are those who identify as: LGBTQ, cross-dress, polyamorous relationships, power exchange relationships, alternative religions, special interest groups, and general non-traditional lifestyles.

Activities include video classes, social issue discussion, movie nights, abuse prevention and support, relationship dynamics education, lifestyle awareness meetings, skill-share demos, workshops, first aid/CPR classes, and board game nights.

If you are interested either hosting or attending an event, please feel free to Join us!


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