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Personally, after being a member of local private support groups centered around non-traditional lifestyle and relationship dynamics for the last few years, I have made many friends and built a wonderful support base that branched out into other facets of the Fargo/Moorhead alternative lifestyle communities. Though our lives may be very different, we have all found some commonalities that bring us together.

At our core, we are all people that believe strongly that having support, and supporting others has made us  better community members - not just within our respective groups, but for the FM community at large. We all agree that a person should not be shamed for who they are or who they love - instead, the personal integrity we have, the respect we build, and how we treat others is key. And most importantly, we all believe that clear communication and consent are at the forefront of everything we do.

I want this space to continue this support system, even among varied backgrounds and interests. We all need a place that is neutral, judgement-free, a space where we can be open and honest without fear. And perhaps this space can be another thing that brings us together and another commonality we can share - a place we can make our home away from home.


a word on privacy:

The importance of privacy and anonymity to the outside world varies by the individual. For some, others knowing personal details about interests and relationships may not be a big deal. For others, this can be devastating to families and careers. Because of this, the FMALC hosts both Public Events and Private Events.

public events:

Public Events should be considered just that - Public. Anyone can go, and the address and Event Information is publicly known. These classes and events may center around introductory education, outreach, or general public social events. These are what we consider to be the 'face' of FMALC. You can see a list of all Public Events on our Events Calendar.

private events:

Private Events are reserved for classes and events that may be limited to personal or closed topics. Because of the vulnerable or sensitive nature of these meetings, attendance is limited to those who have been approved by the Host, and furthermore you *must* be a Verified Attendee.

This verification process is to help ensure the safety of those attending, to help instruct attendees on FMALC's Etiquette on Privacy (to limit the chances of 'unintentional outings'), and to assist our Hosts by providing them with up-to-date attendee background information. While the FMALC cannot totally guarantee the privacy or safety of all attendees (ultimately this is the individual's responsibility), we feel that this is a step in the right direction to make our various communities safer!

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